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Aerofly Rc 7 Mac Crack

Aerofly RC 7 - The Ultimate R/C Simulator for Mac

If you are looking for a realistic and fun way to learn and improve your radio-controlled (R/C) flying skills, look no further than aerofly RC 7. This app is a state-of-the-art R/C simulator that features over 200 models and 50 sceneries, as well as a variety of game modes and challenges. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, aerofly RC 7 will provide you with an immersive and satisfying flying experience on your Mac.

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Features of aerofly RC 7

Aerofly RC 7 has many features that make it stand out from other R/C simulators. Here are some of them:

  • Highly detailed aircraft and scenery: The app boasts a stunning level of realism, with models that have accurate physics, sounds, and animations. You can choose from a wide range of aircraft types, such as quadcopters, electric and gas powered airplanes, helicopters, gliders, jets, and scale models. The sceneries are also impressive, with full Retina Display support and dynamic lighting and shadows. You can fly in different locations, such as airports, fields, mountains, islands, and cities.

  • Customizable settings: You can adjust the wind and time of day to create different flying conditions. You can also scale the models to your liking, or even edit them using the aircraft editor. The app supports many R/C transmitters and joysticks, as well as mouse and keyboard controls.

  • Multiplayer mode: You can fly with friends all over the world in multiplayer mode. You can chat with other pilots, join or create sessions, and see each other's aircraft in real time.

  • Training and game modes: The app offers various modes to help you learn and improve your skills. You can use the helicopter hover trainer and torque-trainer to master the basics of helicopter flying. You can also practice landing, take-off, orientation, hovering, and aerobatics in different scenarios. For more fun and challenge, you can try the game-like competitions, such as balloon pop, limbo flying, pylon racing, and helicopter course.

How to get aerofly RC 7

Aerofly RC 7 is available on the Mac App Store . You can buy the Standard Edition for $39.99 USD (or equivalent), which includes 30 models and 5 sceneries. You can also upgrade to the Professional Edition or the Ultimate Edition using In-App purchases. The Professional Edition costs $49.99 USD (or equivalent) and includes 170 models and 40 sceneries. The Ultimate Edition costs $59.99 USD (or equivalent) and includes 200 models and 50 sceneries.

Please note that the app requires macOS 10.7 or later to run. It is also strongly recommended to use a dedicated joystick or R/C controller with at least 4 independent axes for the best experience. Some of the complex 4D sceneries may require a fast graphic card for optimal performance.


Aerofly RC 7 is a must-have app for R/C enthusiasts who want to enjoy a realistic and fun flying simulation on their Mac. With its amazing graphics, physics, models, sceneries, modes, and multiplayer features, aerofly RC 7 will keep you entertained and challenged for hours. Download it today from the Mac App Store and start your R/C adventure!

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